Let your computer work for you!


Save time on administration by using a custom-made VBA program for e.g. book-keeping, stock management, employee timesheets, appointments, or to do any sort of complex calculations.


Programs use any version of Microsoft Excel from 93 onwards, guaranteed to work on future versions of Excel or Windows. Mac versions also possible.

  • software is designed to be very easy to use and user-friendly
    (unlike many commercial software book-keeping packages!)
  • flexible and modifiable
  • simple design with just the features you need, interface in French or English as you prefer
  • can automate any repetitive spreadsheet tasks
  • easy-to-follow instructions plus telephone support


The cost depends on the complexity of the program and whether the program can be modified for use by other clients.

For example, your personalized version of a general book-keeping program for producing quotes and invoices and calculating expenses from 24,50 € per month (plus charge for initial set-up with your own design of invoice from 180 €).


Some custom-made programs:

(some in English, some in French)


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Accounts program showing a list of overdue invoices on opening (number of days late before an invoice appears on the list can be configured in the options)
An invoice generated in few clicks of the mouse
Easy to fill in your expenses
Expenses can be printed out grouped by supplier, VAT rate, cheque number, etc.
A simple way to calculate how much overtime and leave your employees are due
Summary of the situation of a particular employee for a chosen date range
Printout of the employee's hours worked and the leave taken and due